Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future

Clubs and Organizations

Student Lighthouse Team 

We the Student Lighthouse Team will synergize to make our school a better place.
We will be role models by following the 7 Habits, so that others can be the best that they can be.
Through our hard work and dedication, we will use our creativity to “Leader-ize” SBE.
As student leaders, we will also listen to what others have to say to make our school GREAT!


Bobcat Dancers

Bobcat Dancers provides 2nd - 5th grade students with the opportunity to enter the world of dance and with a means to fuse physical fitness with creativity.  We introduce students to the techniques and terminology of various dance styles.

Please contact Ms. Sanderlin at for more information. 


Art Club

The purpose of the SBE Art Club is for student leaders to have an opportunity to grow as artists by expanding their knowledge and developing skills beyond what is achieved in the classroom. Student leaders will experience new works of art and reflect on their growth as artists throughout the year.  

Please contact Ms. Stevens at for more information. 


Safety Patrol 

Safety Patrol Information / Safety Patrol Schedule

Safety Patrol allows students in grades 3-5 to develop responsibility and practical organizational skills by assisting the school administration in the transitioning of students from arrival in the morning to class, and again from class to dismissal after school.  Students will also learn proper flag etiquette and protocol for the flying of our national and state flags.

Please contact Coach Geng at for more information. 


The Bay News Crew 

The purpose of the Bay News Crew is to give student leaders the opportunity to create a morning show that focuses on life at Sawgrass Bay. This will allow students to share current events with their peers and create an environment that encourages research and discovery.

Please contact Ms. Locuson at for more information.